Valves Engineering Company

There is both a science and an art that applies to comprehensive valve repairing, VEC provide the most proper and reliable valve engineering and supplying services for all types of valves anywhere in the world, including: ball valves, gate, globe, and check valves; butterfly, Choke valves and other types of valves used to control fluids for all applications (especially in the oil & gas and energy industries).

– The essence of VECvalve services is to provide rapid response, accurate answers, and dependable first-timeright performance.

– Our founders and partners have over 10 years of experience mainly in valves business internationally, which enables VEC to provide the highest quality in valve maintenance, the accurate engineering solutions (valve sizing) and suitable selection, as well as fastest delivery time only to meet our customers requirement and reach higher satisfaction level.

Valves Engineering Company

  • VEC is working to be one of the most effective industrial companies globally by developing, improving and increasing quality of services and providing the smart solutions.
    Our mission is to be in top gear all the time, so that your every need can be met in shortest time possible and to assist in the development and continuous improvement of the capabilities of our customers.
    Our Priorities
    • Consider improving the quality of our services is our highest priority.
    • Work together for the continual professional and personal development for all employees as we respect each other’s effort, value all contributions, invite openness and trust in all relationships.
    • Continuously strive to understand and meet the needs of our customers, recognized that their success is essential to ours.
    • Emphasize and practice safety in all aspects of our business.
    • Always be responsible in our duties as a corporate citizen, and encourage employee participation in the affairs of the communities in which we live and work.
    • Encourage our suppliers and consultants to join our efforts to provide quality products and services at a price that represents real value.
    • Earn a reasonable profit to sustain growth and investing in our employees to benefit our employees, our shareholders and our customers

Our Services

In fulfilling our mission, we supply all types of valves, provide valve maintenance and Consultation.
On the other hand, our policy is that the Professionals from VEC have to be available in a continuous basis to assist our customers in finding cost effective solutions for reducing and minimizing the risk.

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